About Light Rail Depot

Light Rail Depot's mission is to help our customers create more efficient and effective rail systems.

Light Rail Depot partners with its customers to provide products for their rail agency specific vehicles. We combine extensive experience with an industry leading supply chain and North American manufacturing facilities. LRD was established in order to create an alternate marketplace for passenger rail vehicle replacement parts. This unique approach offers our customers an advantage that combines specialized manufacturing solutions, improved designs and inventory stocking arrangements.

LRD designs, engineers, manufactures, distributes and repairs a growing list of vehicle products and components.

Light rail transit systems have become a preferred method of transportation in major urban areas across North America. Currently, most light rail agencies purchase replacement parts directly from the original equipment vehicle manufacturer. Often these products are purchased under minimal industry competition resulting in high prices and long lead times.

In addition to distributing and manufacturing direct replacement parts, Light Rail Depot also offers U.S. based manufacturing and assembly for non-U.S. companies seeking to partner with us to meet the "Buy America" clause.

Light Rail Depot solves the growing problem of replacement part obsolescence by offering reverse engineering services and manufacturing. These solutions not only offer an alternative source to our customers, but may include improving upon older and outdated designs by modifying and developing original part replacements to further counter the daily wear-and-tear experienced on rail vehicles.

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