About Light Rail Depot - Customers

A major metropolitan light rail customer was having repetitive delivery issues from a vehicle manufacturer based in Germany. A standard vehicle component which requires regular replacement on most light rail vehicles are passenger door hinges. The customer frequently requested the manufacturer to expedite production and shipment of the hinges resulting in both significant vehicle downtime and price premiums from the manufacturer. Light Rail Depot (LRD) was able to reverse engineer the hinges and modified the design to improve the wear life of the hinge, while also reducing lead-times from 18 weeks to 4 weeks. LRD additionally implemented a stocking agreement with the customer to insure the hinges would always be maintained in safety stock and available for overnight shipment within the United States.

A newly opened light rail system was experiencing an unusual frequency of coupler damage as result of automobile accidents with the vehicles. The customer had purchased the recommended quantity of replacement parts prior to opening, but quickly realized a greater need for coupler components than had been planned. The Upper Electrical Head Guild Arms attached to the coupler assembly were backordered with the OEM and posed an unacceptable delivery date for the customer. Light Rail Depot (LRD) was able to supply the Arm in less than 4 weeks with an improved design, superior mechanical fit and a corrosion resistant finish at less than 50% of the original replacement part cost.

Wiring harnesses are often specific to the individual light rail agency and commonly known to have long lead times as well as be costly replacement parts. A large light rail agency requested a particular harness configuration that would match their exact original equipment. However, they were having difficulty obtaining this match because of the series of modifications made to their vehicles over the years. Light Rail Depot (LRD) was able to supply the exact harness matching the original configuration, including matching the exact brand of internal wire.

After a light rail agency had been replacing wooden undercarriage hose clamps for several years, the customer approached Light Rail Depot (LRD) to supply them with an alternative to solve their problem. Light Rail Depot immediately began working with the agency to evaluate materials that would provide longer wear and greater durability. The clamps are now produced using an Acetal Polyoxymethylene resin which provides a higher tensile strength (breaking point) and is more dimensionally stable under changing temperatures, while also more resistant to solvents and fuels the clamp is exposed to being located under the vehicle carriage. This alternative material has more than doubled the life span of the clamp and is manufactured at more than a 20% reduction over the cost of the original clamp.

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