Extreme Weather Products (EWP) by Light Rail Depot

  • Prevention against cold and hot weather related vehicle failures
  • Constructed for extreme weather conditions
  • Solutions for de-icing / snow pack
  • Solutions for over heating
  • Designed for light weight and durability
  • Extreme Weather Product (EWP) line includes:
    • Removable vehicle snowplows
    • De-icing systems
    • Sander nozzles
    • Step heating systems
    • Air intake grills
    • Ice shedding products
    • Heavy duty wiper blades and arms
    • Ice and snow film barriers
    • Battery heaters
    • Insulation cooling systems
    • Fluid additives
    • Metal constructed protective covers
    • Pantograph snow / ice prevention systems

LRD's Extreme Weather Products (EWP) will prevent and solve your most common and severe weather related problems.

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